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Have a real-time overview of the status and the location of your vehicles

No Contracts, no monthly bills, no hidden charges, no commitments. This is how we managed to make Alertbeat a truly plug and play service:

  • Lifetime fee: Pay once, you are covered for the next 10 years.
  • Mobile App: Know the location of your vehicles by using the Alertbeat app for iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Tracking Device: We’ve chosen the best device, manufactured in Europe by the most known GPS Tracking Device Manufacturer. No compromise in quality and reliability.

No subscriptions, no commitments for EVER

Proceed with your order, with safety and ease, online from our e-shop.

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What is Alertbeat

With Alertbeat you can have an overview of the location and the status of your family or business vehicles, in real time. 


Create zones on the map and receive notifications on your smartphone when a vehicle enters or exits them.


Receive important notifications in regards to your vehicles. Have information as it concerns battery status, overspeeding, kilometers driven, car alarm activation and more. 

Make it yours in 3 simple steps

We did our best in order to keep costs low, without sacrificing quality and reliability. We are very proude of this! Get your Alertbeat now.

Coverage Map

Our service provides a stable and fast connection in over 100 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania.  The SIM provided within the tracking device is connected via roaming with at least two local networks, in every and each country shown in blue in the map.

In this way, we ensure the uninterrupted service operation inside and outside Greece.

Get your Alertbeat now!

Proceed with your order, with safety and ease, online from our e-shop.

Make it yours!

Simplicity in its grandeur. Say “hello” to Alertbeat

Innovation at your hands

Our years of experience in IoT and GPS tracking have led us to create a simple and user-friendly application that will allow you to quickly and effectively get the information you need without having a PHD in IT. Some of the features of the mobile app:

Capabilities you will love!

Alertbeat will be part of your daily life. Our priority is safety, ease and support.


We would be more than happy to have your opinion and your questions.

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